Signs that you use your credit card intelligently

The credit card requires a lot of responsibility and prudence in its use, so that it only brings us benefits and not losses. Below is a list of signs that show that you and your card have a good relationship so far.

It has the cards that are best for you

It has the cards that are best for you

Instead of having many that do not benefit you, you have chosen to choose the ones that do provide something useful. For example, if you like to travel, you have a card that gives you miles. To find out which ones suit you and which ones don’t, you can use the Good Finance credit card comparator and request the one that really suits you.

Pay more than the minimum

Pay more than the minimum

You know that there is the grace of the offers, in paying the full fee to avoid adding many interests. So when you can, you pay the total for the month and when not, make sure you pay more than the minimum payment.

Your purchases do not differ by many installments: Aware that at more installments, more interest, you seek to defer your purchases by the least possible installments, considering what your monthly income will be. It almost always uses a maximum of 4 installments for large purchases.

Know your cutoff date and your payment date

You are never late in your payments because you are very aware of how much you can consume and up to what day, in order to have a prudent time to collect the fee money.

If you see that it meets all the signals, it means that you are a teacher when using the card! But if you see that you have been doing everything wrong, do not worry, you are still in time to change your habits.

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