What is an oncological preventive checkup? Health insurance

When it comes to diseases it is more important than ever. In the case of any type of cancer, detecting the initial stage of the disease is vital, and can make a difference between life and death.

Prevention is vital to avoid any loss

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That is why one of the main benefits offered by cancer insurance is the possibility of performing preventive checkups every year. If you recently purchased your insurance or are looking for one, these are three important points regarding preventive evaluations:

They are done once a year

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They are different tests that will allow you to rule out any indication of the disease, and can be scheduled to be performed at clinics authorized by your insurance. It is completely free from the first renewal. Once one year has elapsed since you purchased your insurance, you will have the right to perform these checks. All exams will be done at no cost and you can get the results in an average of fifteen days.

Early detection allows treatment to be shorter

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These checkups are important because they allow the disease to be detected early, which not only helps to end it more quickly, but the treatment is also shorter. Cancer insurance with or without a copayment? It is completely free from the first renewal  How does it work and what is best for me? Cancer insurance: One of the key factors to win the battle against cancer This is what you will pay for a cancer treatment.

Preventive exams are one of the benefits you get when you buy cancer insurance, but they are not the only ones. In addition, you can access the latest technology treatments, consultations abroad, etc. If you are looking for one, don’t forget to compare the alternatives with Cecilea Gertivosa’s cancer insurance comparator.


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